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Quilts have long been a part of my life. Fascinated by patchwork bed quilts when I was young, I came to discover the grace and elegance of Amish quilts, and grew to admire the women who created America's quilt traditions. Despite no sewing skills to speak of, I began making Cathedral Window quilts in the 1980s. Eventually I began taking quilting classes at a local shop and was transformed by rotary cutting techniques and the varieties of patterned cottons that were starting to appear in fabric stores. As my skill and passion for quilting grew, I found I enjoyed the playfulness of seeing traditional block forms and quilting techniques in different ways. And like most quilters, I found ways to fit my passion for quilting around family and career obligations. Read more at



Vickie MacMillan is a retired teacher with a master's degree in creative arts in learning. She discovered the art of barn quilting while volunteering in the archives of the Willa Cather Foundation in Nebraska. Her creativity is sparked by the rich colors, history of the patterns, and endless geometric combinations.
Her latest barn quilt adventure was during the summer of 2019 when she was selected as Artist in Residence by the National Park Service at Homestead National Monument in Beatrice, Nebraska. She had the opportunity to paint many unique designs as well as teach others interested in the art.
Vickie finds true pleasure teaching this American folk art and invites you to come and share in creating your own unique barn quilt.



Melody Crust brings to the classroom the idea that quilt making should be fun. She presents new ideas and encourages students to adapt them and make them their own. She teaches in a positive way aimed to be constructive, affirmative, and even motivational. She is the leader of the cheering section for the students.
Melody's newest book, STITCHING THROUGH THE LAYERS The Art and Elegance of Straight Line Stitching, helps quilters move their quilts one big step toward stardom! This book will help you decide how to maximize the "wow" factor by using the right stitching in the right way and in the right places! She has presented information from this book on The Quilt Show with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims.
EYE CANDY QUILTS Super-fast fun with beads, baubles, buttons, and more! was developed with the need for instant beauty in mind. These gorgeous mini quilts are so much fun to make, they should be declared illegal! The wonderful variety of embellishments, from beads, buttons, and bows, to silk flowers, trims and countless other little fancies will win your work instant admiration.
Her book, QUILT TOPPINGS Fun and Fancy Embellishment Techniques, taps into the strong emerging trend toward the embellishment of quilt surfaces. Paint, foil, thread, crayons, oil Paintstiks, buttons, ribbons, and beads are all readily available, fun, easy, and non-messy ways to add final design elements to traditional and non-traditional quilts for that extra punch that some quilters crave. She has presented information from this book on The Quilt Show with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims.
She is a highly sought-after quilter, author and teacher. Her books, including A FINE LINE Techniques and Inspirations for Creating the Quilting Design, co-written with Heather Waldron, plus her quilts and writings have been featured in dozens of books, magazines and other publications, including Quilter's Newsletter Magazine, Quilting Arts, Quilters World, Belle Amour and Patchwork Quilts. Melody has also appeared many times on both television and radio.
As an active promoter of every facet of the quilting world, she co-founded QuiltFest, and has judged/curated regional and national exhibitions.



Sylvia is a mother of three and a grandmother. She grew up sitting at the knee of her mother, grandmother and aunt, all of whom were accomplished in the needle and sewing arts. She naturally acquired the skill and appreciation for quilting and embroidery.
After two earlier careers, first as a homemaker and then a hands-on healthcare career, she rediscovered her love of needlework and sewing and added a unique coloring method to her embroidery. This discovery blossomed into the More the Merrier Designs business that is still growing.



Carol began sewing clothing but began quilting with a flip and sew log cabin. She was a 4H sewing leader for 10 years. As her two children left home, she found more time to quilt. First simple pieced quilts, Stack n Whack and then lots of applique. Since Carol is a mathematics major with Geometry, Algebra II, and Statistics - her teaching area - the symmetry patterns in Judy Niemeyer's quilts were a major attraction. In 1997, she bought her first pattern Judy pattern. The Wedding Star. Two queen size quilts later she was hooked. These wedding gifts are still her children's favorite quilts.
In 2016, Carol retired from teaching school and running a national teacher training program in Park City, Utah (Park City Mathematics Institute). She decided to attend a Judy Niemeyer retreat in Montana to not be worried about the kids going back to school. The staff at PCMI helped with her shopping in Montana with a Quiltworx gift certificate. They appreciated the fact that they had all gotten quilts when they joined the staff over the 18 years. Carol was really hooked, and a year and a half later completed the certification process for Quiltworx. She has now made over 50 Judy Niemeyer quilts.
Over the years, Carol taught quilting at a local shop and at guild meetings. With retirement, Carol is now sewing and teaching paper-piecing with Judy's techniques. The beautiful award-winning quilts are so much fun to make.



Susan grew up in northern BC, Canada, in a community reminiscent of the pioneer days, with no electricity or indoor plumbing. In those cold winters, sleeping under a handmade quilt with wool batting from the family sheep was the ultimate luxury. Those hard-working, close knit days shaped her faith and family, which remain the source of joy in her life today.
For Susan, making quilts is a deep expression of care and creativity. She regularly contributes projects to Hands to Help and Wee Ones Quilts, two organizations that gift quilts to those in crisis.
Susan's favorite quilts feature scraps with clean, often contemporary settings that offer plenty of room for playing with quilted shapes and designs. She develops quilting motifs that emphasize that negative space, and all-over patterns that produce the even texture and feel of an heirloom quilt.

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