The Everett Quilt Show 2019 (EQS) call for entries is now closed.

Entries for 2020 will open March 1, 2020.

Rules below are from 2019 and are subject to change before March 2020.

We will award cash prizes for judged categories.

  • Judged and non-judged categories

  • Anyone may enter items into EQS. 

  • All persons entering are limited to 4 quilts. May also enter 2 in the variety categories and 2 into the Show Challenge.

  • A 4" hanging sleeve must be sewn to the back of the quilt, no pins please. See instructions if needed.

  • A digital photo is requested for identification purposes, (not jurying). If quilt is unfinished, send photo of a portion of the quilt.

  • EQS reserves the right to refuse any entry and/or close entry when capacity is reached.

  • Entry fees:  
    Public entries: $15 per quilt
    Sponsoring guild member: $5 each for first 2 quilts, $10 each for next 2 quilts
    Show Challenge: $10 per quilt (rules here)
    Youth entries free (under 18 by show dates). (Ribbon awards only)

  • Drop off your quilts on Saturday, April 20th from 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm. Pick up at the same location on Saturday, May 4th 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm. Locations around Snohomish County are listed in the entry form, mailed entries accepted with return shipping label prepaid and included with entry.

  • Judged entries will receive judge's comments a few weeks after the show closes.

  • Items previously entered in an EQS show may not be entered except by invitation only.

  • One entry form per item. Please do not use all capitals, what you enter on the form will be used on the display stories.

  • The opportunity to go back and edit your entry or to enter another quilt is at the end of the form.

  • Confirmation email will be sent to you which will also have a link to go back to edit your entry if necessary. If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact us through the help button below.

The Everett Quilt Show will do everything possible to take good care of your quilt.  Please consider insuring your quilt if it is valuable (call your agent about a rider on your home policy).

The Everett Quilt Show & Edward D. Hansen Conference Center cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items.


  • Applique (Totally or predominately appliqued - 75% of quilt needs to be applique.)

  • Art Quilt/Pictorial (Any technique depicting an identifiable scene, person, object, animal etc. or abstract)

  • Small Pieced (Totally pieced by one person, perimeter 0" to 192")

  • Medium Pieced (Totally pieced by one person, perimeter 192.1" to 280")

  • Large Pieced (Totally pieced by one person, perimeter over 280.1")

  • Group (Made by two or more persons Include group members names in your "Quilt Story")

  • Mixed Technique (Combination of more than one technique ie. pieced, applique and/or embroidery etc.)

  • Modern Style (may include improv piecing, bold color, minimalism, high contrast, graphics, expansive negative space, etc)

  • Kits/Block of Month (pattern and fabric purchased as a kit - any style, any size)

  • Whole Cloth (Top is a solid piece of fabric without any piecing)

  • Theme Challenge (24" x 24" - "It's Raining Quilts") - DOES NOT COUNT AGAINST THE LIMIT OF 4 ENTRIES

  • Wearable (Describe: Vest, jacket, scarf, hat etc)

  • Variety 3-D (Describe: pillow, vase, book cover, etc)

  • Variety Flat (Table runner, pot holders, coasters, etc.)

  • Invitation Only (previous approval)

  • Youth (If you are under 18 by show date 2019)