General Information

Witness the miracle of fabric & thread!

  • Be on the Scene of the Crime at the Thursday evening Opening Night Gala

  • Be a Material Witness and Inspect the Quilt Show

  • Give Evidence to your friends of the quality work and bring them to the show

  • Be ready to use your Observational skills by taking a Class

  • Be a note taking Spectator at the Lecture Series

       Melody Crust  <>  Ann Shaw  <>  Susan Smith  <>  others

  • Be an Observer at the Demonstrations

  • Investigate & practice your skill in the Make & Take projects

  • Be a Historian and affirm history with the 100th Anniversary of Women's Suffrage Quilt Challenge display

The Everett Quilt Show invites you to spend time in the city of Everett along with your visit to our quilt show. Bring your friends or spouse and plan a weekend.

Visit Plan Your Stay to see what is possible.

  • Book a hotel so you will...